In the last episode (Jun 04), Dan Trainor said:
> What's going to happen to all these ports that still depend on file
> locations in the 4.5 release(s)?  The reason I ask is that I see that
> now we're going to have to make two kinds of ports - one for 4.x and
> one for 5.x, or are header files and stuff like that stored as global
> variables... or something.  Kris Kennaway talked a bit about moving
> specific headers (and possibly more) to different locations:
> :: * (>27 ports) The <machine/soundcard.h> header was moved, breaking 

The move from machine/soundcard.h to sys/soundcard.h was done in 1999
as part of the move from 3.* to 4.0.  All 4.* systems have
sys/soundcard.h, and that's where ports should be looking.

> :: * (>35 ports) Something caused sys_nerr to change prototypes.  It
>      looks like this might be because the definition of __const from
>      <sys/ctypes.h> has changed, but I can't see why.  See for
>      example

This is an error that gcc 2.95 never caught that gcc 3 does.  Ports
should not use sys_nerr at all, and should use strerror().

        Dan Nelson

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