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> So the question is: what information can PS show 
> for a KSE threaded process?
> I have been thinking of:
> Certainly the first thing to decide it WHAT there is to show..
> threads that are in userspace are not visible to ps, or for that matter
> the kernel, as teh Userland thread scheduler may switch between them
> without notifying the kernel. Only threads blocked in the kernel can show
> any information other than "running" For those in the userland there
> is only the information in the associated kse , and priority
> info from the thread is available.
> so for a process you can show:
>         process stuff (e.g. uid, pid, ppid)

Hopefully this won't change.

>                 kseg stuff (e.g. nice value, number runnable threads)

Nice value and stuff are exported anyway via kproc_info.

Maybe we should look at packing an export_thread in there for exported kse

>                         kse stuff(e.g. RUNNING @ priority 32 on cpu0)
>                         kse stuff(e.g. RUNNING @ priority 31 on cpu1)   
>                                 runnable threads
>                                 e.g.
>                                 thread runnable priority 33
>                                 thread runnable priority 35
>                                 thread runnable priority 37
>                                 sleeping threads
>                                 e.g.
>                                 thread waiting at Mutex net1 prio 33
>                                 thread sleeping at "biord" prio 31

This all has a simple solution.  Export each thread as a process via kinfo_\
proc, and ps(1) will use the existing mtxname interfaces and such..

I don't know how simple this is at a code level.

>                 kseg stuff (for next kseg)
>                         ...
> anyone have thoughts?

It'd be best to be able to poll the userland schedulers and the KSE stuff via
the ptrace(2) interface, I think, or just export things using kinfo_proc and
pad out the struct with things pertinent to KSE's.

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