Julian Elischer wrote:
> So the question is: what information can PS show
> for a KSE threaded process?

The same thing "ps" shows for a threaded process with user space
threads today.

Why confuse every "ps"-using shell script or perl script ever

> so for a process you can show:
>         process stuff (e.g. uid, pid, ppid)
>                 kseg stuff (e.g. nice value, number runnable threads)
>                         kse stuff(e.g. RUNNING @ priority 32 on cpu0)
>                         kse stuff(e.g. RUNNING @ priority 31 on cpu1)

[ ... ]

If you want to show all this stuff, it should be similar to the
"-d" option I patched into "w" for SunOS "w" compatability.

In other words, it should not be shown by default, it should
only show if you use special options to get it.

-- Terry

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