> > o Please shorten any long line or comment to less than 80 columns
> This is quite tricky when using 8 character tabs.  Is 4 character indent
> okay for userland source?

"Real" tabs are best. Look at style(9) for ways to break the long

        It is ok to break very long
            lines like this;

> > o Please do not use mktemp(); use mkstemp() instead.
> I used mktemp() to get a filename to redirect to, eg.
> /* Improvised example */
> char *cmd;
> asprintf(cmd, "prog > %s", mktemp(blah));
> system(cmd);
> free(cmd);

BIG security hole. Someone can exploit a race to compromise this.

> I couldn't see a simple way around this, any clues?

How's this?

int handle;
template = "/tmp/mumbleXXXXXXXX";
char *cmd;
handle = mkstemp(template); // template is modified
asprintf(cmd, "prog > %s", template);
close(handle); // bye-bye file

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