On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Jonathan Lemon wrote:

> What do people think about adding the following macro to <sys/queue.h>?
> (I don't care much about the name, just the functionality)
>     #define TAILQ_FOREACH_TMP(var, tmp, head, field)                     \
>             for ((var) = TAILQ_FIRST((head));                            \
>                 (var) && (((tmp) = TAILQ_NEXT((var), field)) || 1);      \
>                 (var) = (tmp))

Certainly this is moving in the right direction..
(acknowleging the problem).. It does the job.
but if someone knows to use it then they probably also
know to use a temp variable themselves. 

It does work in that there is very little the writer can do to screw this

The question is simply "is it waranted?"
It does add complexity.. I guess it needs to be added to all
the other types as well (LIST, STAILQ etc)

> Essentially, this provides a traversal of the tailq that is safe 
> from element removal, while being simple to drop in to those sections
> of the code that need updating, as evidenced in the patch below.
> -- 
> Jonathan

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