On Thu, 4 Jul 2002, Julian Elischer wrote:

> there are two proposals floatingat the moment..
> 1/ I added debugging stuff to TAILQ to help find bad usages in KSE.
> Qusetion/proposal: Should I extend this to other types and add it to the
> file (or not delete what is there now)

I was suggesting that you add macros for debugging purposes instead
of potentially changing existing behaviour.  The way you've got it
now is OK I guess, just as long as it somehow doesn't get enabled
or changed in userland.  Perhaps it would even break consumers
of it in the kernel, though, too.

> 2/
> We could add a new macro/method that is slightly less efficient than the
> current FOREACH macros, but allows element removal.
> Exisiting methods would no change.

As wollman pointed out, we already assume that it is safe to
remove elements using the existing macros.  Adding another
interface to do the same thing kinda imples that existing
behaviour may change.  As proposed though, the new macros
would not only allow removals, but also modification of
the removed element while still walking the list.  These might
be useful.

Dan Eischen

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