ru> This was "broken" again.  I don't have any ideas of what to move
ru> out.

There are some ideas to do around boot floppies in my mind:

1) More drivers to move kernel modules, including other network
   drivers, pccard and friends, filesystems, etc.  Apparantly it
   reduces kernel size so kern.flp will fit to 1.44MB again.  It
   requires some consideration that which driver can be moved as a
   kernel module.

2) Concatinate multiple kernel modules into a single one.  It doesn't
   help kern.flp flood, but mfsroot.flp may contain more kernel
   modules.  I've tried this before, and it seems working at that time
   (see mail archive of [EMAIL PROTECTED]).

3) Create 'the 3rd floppy' for kernel modules.  It should be an
   optional floppy.  We can load kernel modules on a floppy from the
   sysinstall(8) menu.  src/release/scripts/driver-*.awk and
   Makefile(s) should be hacked for this.  It doesn't help to reduce
   kern.flp size, but we can have more kernel modules.

4) Use bzip2 (instead of gzip) for compression.  Apparantly it reduces
   the size of compressed kernel/loader size.  However I've heard that
   there are some problems if bzip2 is used (I don't know the details).

5) Give up supporting current device drivers and options which are
   contained within the kernel of kern.flp.  Hard to accept for me,
   but it should reduce the size of the kernel.

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Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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