Terry Lambert wrote:
> "M. Warner Losh" wrote:
> > I've noticed that some of the older cam drivers are about all that is
> > in the way of making CAM truly loadable.  By that I mean having a
> > kernel with all supported devices that aren't loadable forces CAM to
> > be in the kernel because some of the SCSI devices aren't (yet)
> > loadable.  However, that's relatively easy to fix.
> I've noticed that the fact that I boot from a CDROM or a SCSI
> hard drive is in the way of making CAM loadable.  8-) 8-).
> Anything in the boot path needs to be static, by definition,
> or you face the Catch-22 of needing to load the driver in
> order to be able to load the driver.

Nope, it just needs to be loaded before the kernel takes over.  This is
what the preload mechanism is for.

> ...This wouldn't be a problem, if VM86 supported disk I/O, and
> you could replace drivers on the fly...

I know this is a long favorite axe of yours, but I'd love to see code
for this.  Considering that loader *does* use VM86 do do disk IO calls,
it can be done - loader runs in a 32 bit paged environment with a vm86
executive for doing all the bios calls, including disk IO.

You dont feel like writing one for freebsd, do you?  A vm86disk driver
would solve a number of problems.  If you do one that is respectable, I'll
commit it for you myself.

"All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5

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