On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 08:13:55AM +0200, Marc Recht wrote:
> > Because chances are good that the bugs still aren't fixed. I reported a 
> > bug related to optimization with -march=athlon recently and the reply 
> If you've got a newer Athlon (XP) then you could compile it with -march=athlon-xp.
> I've filed a PR with a patch against bsd.cpu.mk (misc/41425) recently.

I'll have to check that out and compare with the athlon-{m,x}p changes in
my tree.

> > I've got suggests that it's still present in all branches. I get the 
> > impression that not too many people really use gcc3 with heavy 
> > optimization on big stuff like XFree86 yet ... Of course, updating the 
> XFree86 works like a charm built with -march=athlon-xp .

I do know that compiling XFree86 with a June 2002 GCC 3.1.1 prerelease
works fine on AMD x86-64 running SuSE with -O2 and -march specifying the

> > system compiler would make bug reports from -CURRENT users even more useful.
> Indeed. IMHO going to 3.2 is the best we could do.

IMO going to 3.3 would be much better -- we can actually get our needs
better addressed as the compiler is still in development, but about to
head into code slush.  We cannot affect GCC 3.2.1 too much due to it
being on a release branch, and point release.

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