David O'Brien wrote:
>>>I've got suggests that it's still present in all branches. I get the 
>>>impression that not too many people really use gcc3 with heavy 
>>>optimization on big stuff like XFree86 yet ... Of course, updating the 
>>XFree86 works like a charm built with -march=athlon-xp .
> I do know that compiling XFree86 with a June 2002 GCC 3.1.1 prerelease
> works fine on AMD x86-64 running SuSE with -O2 and -march specifying the
> Hammer.

You might want to try the attached code-snippet I grabbed from the gcc 
GNATS. It manages to ICE 3.1 and 3.2 with a lot of optimizations, 
including pentium2/3/4 and athlon-* and is believed to trigger the same 
bug that borks XFree86 here.

Compile with gcc -O -march=<arch> -c clacrt.c

Michael Nottebrock
"And the reasons? There are no reasons."
void foo ()
     struct { float x, y; } c, *cp;
     static float           z;
     while (1)
         c.y = cp->y + cp->y;
         z   = c.y + 1.0;

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