> > > system compiler would make bug reports from -CURRENT users even more useful.
> > Indeed. IMHO going to 3.2 is the best we could do.
> IMO going to 3.3 would be much better -- we can actually get our needs
> better addressed as the compiler is still in development, but about to
> head into code slush.  We cannot affect GCC 3.2.1 too much due to it
> being on a release branch, and point release.
But the GCC 3.3 release is targeted after 5.0-RELEASE (for Dec 15). And
GCC 3.3.1 for Feb 15 2003. Using a pre-release compiler in a release version
is IMHO somewhat risky. gcc 3.2 is scheduled for early August, so there's
time enough to import and test it. Maybe even for 3.2.1. And the C++
ABI breakages/fixes will hapen with the 3.2 release...

Just my 0.02


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