It's me again...

On Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 11:37:06AM -0700, David Wolfskill wrote:
> * reboot (single-user mode)
>   Now, at this step, I see something a bit odd:
> Console: serial port
> BIOS drive A: is disk0
> BIOS drive C: is disk1
> BIOS 639kB/523200kB available memory
> FreeBSD/i386 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.1
> ([EMAIL PROTECTED], Sun Aug 11 09:29:25 PDT 2002)
> Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf 
> Warning: syntax error on file /boot/device.hints
> machine         i386
>          ^
> Warning: syntax error on file /boot/loader.conf
>  $
>  ^
> /boot/kernel/kernel text=0x237e0c data=0x35db4+0x6f72c syms=[0x4+0x36820+0x4+0x421d1]

As for this part: Are you *really* sure that the files were what you
believed them to be? The first appears to me to be a kernel config file
instead of the device.hints. I have no idea about the second, it could
be any file with a $FreeBSD$ tag in it, which was not commented properly
or something.

BTW: I looked over the suggested order of steps in UPDATING just now, you
did things pretty much according to that (with the exception of the "-j"
for the buildworld but that one cannot be that dramatic, I assume you
did not use the "-j" for the installworld.

So, I still have no real explanation for your hanging of the machine.
Perhaps someone else. The first failure is memory corruption in any
event but the reason is not known to me. I have not seen it reported
here yet.


Szilveszter ADAM
Szombathely Hungary

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