Hello David,

Thanks for getting back with the results. This points to the fatc that
the instructions in UPDATING should updated.

The method is almost what you did, only a tad more efficient:

- make buildworld 
- make buildkernel KERNCONF=you_know_what
- cp GENERIC.hints to device.hints or create your own if you need
  (because you have ISA devices eg)
- make installkernel KERNCONF=you_know_what
- reboot in single user (do the bootblocks if needed)
(At this point you are running on the -CURRENT kernel but with the old
userland: be aware of this because things like ipfw will now stop
working until you are back in sync!)
- mergemaster -p
- make -k installworld (this will install as much of the new userland as
  possible, but will proceed in spite of errors.)
- rm -rf /usr/include/*
- make installworld (this now should go through without problems, you
  are now back in sync, your /usr/include is also repopulated with the
  new headers)
- mergemaster (with the new mergemaster script)
- reboot for the changes to take effect.


Hope this helps.

Szilveszter ADAM
Szombathely Hungary

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