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> Hi 
> There is patch to teach rcNG do not try dhcp on not-connected ethernet.
> simply put
> ifconfig_fxp0="dhcp-if-carrier"
> into rc.conf
> It will be interested to somebody
> Theoretically there are another solution for problem - add new key to
> dhclient - check interface media before broadcasting.

Yes, there is a simple solution: adjust the timeout in dhclient.conf.

I will quote David Malone from PR conf/38559:
I would have said that it would be a bug not to do DHCP if the
interface has been configured for it and might upset people who
want to be able to plug the network cable in at a more leasurely
pace when they boot their laptops.

It also means that dhclient won't be able to use a lease listed in
its lease file, even if that lease is valid and the hub/switch/access
point you're connected to happens to be temporally down or out of

I'd suggest that you try reducing the timeouts if the long timeout
isn't suitable for your setup. See the timeing options in dhclient.conf
man page.


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> Vladimir B. Grebenschikov

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