Martin Blapp wrote:
> I have now three different systems which show all this:
> 1) PIV 1,6Ghz, Intel B845DG Board, 1GB Kingston Ram,
> 2) PIV 2Ghz Intel B845DG Board, 1GB Kingston ECC Ram
> 3) PIV 2,26 Ghz Asus P4B533 Board with I845 chipset, 1GB noname Ram
> All running CURRENT. I also replaced in 1) and 2) the CPU, RAM.
> It happens both on SCSI and ATA disks. Powersupply has been changed
> for all 3 systems. Problem is still the same.
> The problem sometimes appears just after startup. CPU is still cold then.
> Other times it builds 6 buildworlds sucessfully, and then suddenly I see
> a SIG4.

Alternatively, rather than those options, try losing 512M of
the RAM... I note they are all 1G boxes.

-- Terry

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