Soeren Schmidt wrote:
> It seems Martin Blapp wrote:
> > I suspect all the SIG4 and SIG11 problems we see are due
> > memory corruption in CURRENT.
> ....
> > > The file is correct after a reboot, so the corruption was limited to the
> > > copy cached in RAM.
> >
> > Thats memory corruption. I'm also not able anymore
> > to make 10 buildworlds (without -j, that triggers
> > panics in pmap code).
> >
> > Bye the way, I'm experiencing this since about 4-5 months.
> >
> > All hackers, please help to track this down.
> Hmm, I haven't seen this at all, but I've just started buildworld loops on
> two machines here, but I normally do at least a couble buildworlds a day
> and I havn't notice problems like the above (but plenty of bad commits etc).
> However, this kind of problem in most cases spells bad HW to me,
> ie subspec RAM, poor powersupply, badly cooled CPU, overclocking etc etc...


        options DISABLE_PSE
        options DISABLE_PG_G

-- Terry

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