On 22 Aug, Terry Lambert wrote:

> Alternatively, rather than those options, try losing 512M of
> the RAM... I note they are all 1G boxes.

When I first put this system together several months ago, I only
installed the first 512M of RAM and the problem was much worse.  I only
had about a 50% chance of getting a successful buildworld.  The problem
seemed to go away shortly thereafter, and though I wasn't sure whether
the problem was caused by hardware or software, I attributed the
improvement to an upgrade to a newer version of -current.  Since then
I've replaced the motherboard (the old one didn't support ECC), the disk
and controller (I needed more space, and the new disk consumes a lot
less power than the two that it replaced, plus it doesn't sound like a
dental drill), and the power supply (because I was concerned that the
original might be marginal).  I also added an extra intake fan on the
front of the case.

At the moment I'm running a set of buildworlds with an August 6th
kernel, just to verify the problem that I'm seeing isn't something new.
When I'm done with that, I'll reduce the RAM from 1G to 512M and try
again.  I'll also try the DISABLE_PSE and DISABLE_PG_G options.

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