> It is *that* simple.

> Rather than bitch that 3.1.1 "sucks"; we should thanking the GCC 
> Steering
> Committee that after much thought they were willing to take the 
> vendors'
> needs into account.  I am not sure FreeBSD would have done the same.

I never said it sucked...  I think the ABI standardization process is 
*very* important as
it will be an enabling technology... these things don't come without 
some growing pains.

>> Actually they have been trying to make this work all along and is
>> probably why they break ABI compatibility.   3.1 has issues with
>> template classes that use functions containing static variables [at
>> least a pre-release of it did on Darwin/OS X].
> Apple highly modifies the GCC sources.  So any bugs/problems/issues you
> find in their compiler you cannot blame on the GCC developers w/o
> researching the bug/problem/issue.

Wasn't aware to what degree GCC is modified by Apple... I knew they did 

>> 3.2 necessary for some people [though I hope every time the fix
>> something that their test-cases increases by one.... that would be
>> smart anyway].
> The test suite does.  We should be so lucky to have such a test suite.

Indeed! :)

>> 3.2 is the "more confident" ABI and while there are no guarantees that
>> 3.3 will work with 3.2... there seems to be better feelings about it.
> Correct.  Not only "better feelings" but "fully intended".  But as we 
> saw
> with 3.1.0, bugs happen.

Yes... I think you and I are generally on the same page :).

>>> It was my understanding that FreeBSD 5.0 release was not going
>>> to be GCC 3.3 (because GCC 3.3 would not be released in time for
>>> FreeBSD to not be "pulling a RedHat" if they shipped a beta and
>>> called it 3.3) , might be GCC 3.2, and was currently down-rev
>>> from there.
> 3.3.0 will be released before FreeBSD 5.1.  It is my advice to
> FreeBSD'ville that we go with a GCC 3.3 snapshot for FBSD 5.0 and a GCC
> 3.3.0 release for FBSD 5.1.  That way we can get the new features of 
> 3.3
> into our 5.x branch.  AND get bug fixes by importing 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 
> into
> later FBSD 5.x releases.

Yes! yes! YES! :)  100% agree! IMO DP-2 should have gcc-3.3 snap 
perhaps even FreeBSD 5.0
release [assuming that 5.0 is released on November 20, 2002... I have 
doubts but I'd rather
it be done properly than done quickly... Its one reason I like FreeBSD 
and the community.]

Seems like things are going exactly as they should... going to 3.3 
should greatly decrease developer
pain overall.

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