* De: Richard Tobin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [ Data: 2002-09-02 ]
        [ Subjecte: Re: aout support broken in gcc3 ]
> > I think you're extremeley confused.
> In what way?  Or are you just being rude?

GCC being able to produce a.out format binaries has nothing to do with
the ability of a Lisp or Prolog to compile to object files, and read
such, whether said object files be a.out or ELF or COFF or PECOFF or
Mach-O or ...  For example, Mono works with PECOFF32 images, and can
read them in and out on Windows, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linnex, and
probably QNX.

And nothing says that '.o' or 'a.out' implies the image is in a.out or
ELF or PECOFF or ... format.

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