> You are blowing this out of proportion and not actually reading
> what people are proposing.  So far, the comments are about
> removing a.out support from the base compiler and offering
> a.out binutils and gcc _as ports_.

A port is fine -- but this was proposed much later in the

> > Unfortunately there is no such direct back-pressure in the
> > open source community and developers usually don't have a
> > long term view.
> Thank you for insulting our intelligence.

Sorry you see it that way -- I certainly didn't mean to
insult anyone's intelligence.  It is just the way I see it --
programmers want to program neat new things (or "clean up"
code or make thinge more elegant, faster, more modular, more
generic and so on) and users just want to continue using what
they are comfortable with -- even when they want to play with
new and shiny things.  I believe both groups should
participate in deciding the direction FreeBSD takes.  That is
what will bring out the best without breaking old things.

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