On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 12:42:47PM -0700, Julian Elischer wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 01:24:19PM -0400, Matthew Emmerton wrote:
> > > I thought it was part of the plan to drop all traces of a.out support in
> > > 5.x.  Am I wrong?
> > 
> > We should be *very* careful to accurately describe what is being
> > suggested.
> > 
> > I believe it is that 5.x a.out binaries not be supported.  However, 2.x
> > a.out binaries will be supported.  This is different thatn "drop all
> > traces of a.out support".
> yes binary support will remain.. if you need to generate new ones (?)
> unpack a 2.2.6 system into a chroot tree (jail?) and make it there :-)

*sigh*  This *still* isn't clear what is being suggested.  (also seen in
other emails in this thread, just picked this one to repond to)

This is what BDE said:

    Actually, I agree.  Not having a clean break in FreeBSD-3 was very
    expensive.  Support for running aout binaries and compatibility cruft
    to support old binaries should have been dropped too.

This is NOT a toolchain issue he is talking about, but a kernel one.
Please forget all about the toolchain issue.  It is a non-issue.  I and
kan are the only ones that it has inconvinced.  Everyone else has been
able to totally ignore it.  I'll probably do something about it next

_The_ issue is to understand exactly what is being discussed about
"compatibility cruft to support old binaries should have been dropped

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