Thus spake Michael WARDLE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> The Gecko engine developed by the Mozilla Project, however seems
> to be very good.  I find Galeon quite nice, as it uses Mozilla's
> quite capable HTML rendering engine, has its own well designed
> GTK-based GUI, and has little of Mozilla's bloat.
> Netscape Navigator <= 4.? has quite bad HTML rendering, and is
> disliked greatly by most web developers I know (not to condone
> it, but it's little wonder that many web sites are now "designed
> for Internet Explorer").  I would suggest to anybody still using
> Netscape 4 on a Unix platform that they try a replacement
> browser, whether that be Mozilla, Galeon, or something else
> (perhaps Opera or Konqueror).

I quite agree that everything fell apart with the 4.x browser
wars.  The standards-compliance aspect is improving, but at the
rate browsers seem to be going, I'm going to need another
processor just to surf the web pretty soon.  I've tried Mozilla,
Opera, and Skipstone and found intolerable shortcomings and
annoyances in each.  I'm reluctant to try Galeon because I don't
have the bloat that is Gnome anymore, and if I reinstalled it all
for the sake of a web browser, I would also seriously need a
bigger hard drive.

I may go back to Skipstone.  It's minimalistic enough that if it's
been under active development since I last used it, it's probably
pretty stable.

> If you're looking for a replacement Internet mail client, you
> might like to try Mutt, Balsa, Sylpheed, or Evolution.

I already use mutt; I don't like clicky interfaces.  I wish there
were a web browser that worked as well as mutt, and I think it's
too bad that lynx is inadequate for rendering complicated web
pages these days.

Followups, if any, to -chat, where the subscribers are used to
this topic coming up all the time...

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