> > Mozilla, Galeon, and other browsers claim to be better, but
> > often fail to provide features that have been in Netscape
> > for forever.
> You mean features like being stable, at least sometimes?
> Efficiency?  IMO, Mozilla has features up the kazoo, but the
> developers seem unwilling to pursue unfashionable goals such as
> making a browser that just works.  And in terms of security, a
> buggy browser worries me a lot more than Linux emulation.

The Gecko engine developed by the Mozilla Project, however seems
to be very good.  I find Galeon quite nice, as it uses Mozilla's
quite capable HTML rendering engine, has its own well designed
GTK-based GUI, and has little of Mozilla's bloat.

Netscape Navigator <= 4.? has quite bad HTML rendering, and is
disliked greatly by most web developers I know (not to condone
it, but it's little wonder that many web sites are now "designed
for Internet Explorer").  I would suggest to anybody still using
Netscape 4 on a Unix platform that they try a replacement
browser, whether that be Mozilla, Galeon, or something else
(perhaps Opera or Konqueror).

If you're looking for a replacement Internet mail client, you
might like to try Mutt, Balsa, Sylpheed, or Evolution.

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