:Yes, imgact_elf.c rev 1.121 is the culprit.  Reverting that change solves
:the problem.
:It should probably be backed out and un-MFC'ed.  *definately* un-MFC'ed.
:"All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5

    I have an alpha, let me try to reproduce this (it may take a while).

    The datasize limit is fairly straight forward, either the failure
    is for real or there is an accounting problem somewhere.

    What happens if you replace this check in imgact_elf.c with a
    printf of the conditional clauses instead of generating a failure?

+                       if (data_size >
+                           imgp->proc->p_rlimit[RLIMIT_DATA].rlim_cur ||
+                           text_size > maxtsiz ||
+                           data_size + text_size >
+                           imgp->proc->p_rlimit[RLIMIT_VMEM].rlim_cur) {
+                               error = ENOMEM;
+                               goto fail;
+                       }

   Does that unbreak it?  That would tell us which clause is causing
   the failure.  You can probably do this faster then I can build
   a new world and kernel for my alpha.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
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