:The attached patch does just change the heuristics used to detect
:"text" segments to look for executable segments (using an idea from
:Peter). This results in the fact that dynamic section is viewed as
:text, which should not break anything.
:This way, it should be possible to avoid the hole currently; a real
:fix would be to add a new vmspace field to represent the heap size
:including holes which could then be used by obreak(), while vm_dsize
:would only be used for statistics (which is however difficult to
:maintain when shrinking below the initial size with brk()).
:Can somebody who is feeling adventurous and has an alpha box please
:test whether this fixes it for now?
:       - Thomas

    Excellent Thomas!  Thanks for tracking this down.  Your patch looks
    far better then mine if the circumstances of the failure are as you

    As soon as we get verification that your patch solves the problem,
    I will commit / MFC cycle it.

    I am also still somewhat worried about the data segment start address
    and I am wondering if I should remove the if (data_addr == 0) 
    and instead unconditionally set data_addr to the last data segment 
    loaded (which is what the original code did).


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