Michael WARDLE wrote:
> The Gecko engine developed by the Mozilla Project, however seems
> to be very good.  I find Galeon quite nice, as it uses Mozilla's
> quite capable HTML rendering engine, has its own well designed
> GTK-based GUI, and has little of Mozilla's bloat.

If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

> If you're looking for a replacement Internet mail client, you
> might like to try Mutt, Balsa, Sylpheed, or Evolution.

I like my applications to have the same look-and-feel.  I like
them to use the same shortcut keys for the same functions, etc..
Unfortunately, kmail and konquerer just aren't there yet, and
even though GTK has a "style guide", no one is very religious
about following it.  Reminds me a lot of a UI person I used to
know who prototyped all her UI stuff in Visual BASIC, and then
expected us to be able to implement things like modal dialogues
in HTML, so that browser-based access to the device resembled
a Windows application.  She totally refused to be "constrained
by HTML" during the design process, even though that was what
we had to deploy on.  Made it a real pain in the ass: everyone
who has to deal with UI code was effectively painting pixels
with an 8 foot paint brush.

-- Terry

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