On 04-Sep-2002 Richard Tobin wrote:
>> You are blowing this out of proportion and not actually reading
>> what people are proposing.  So far, the comments are about
>> removing a.out support from the base compiler and offering
>> a.out binutils and gcc _as ports_.
> That would be sufficient for my needs (a matching gdb would be useful
> too, I'm not sure if that is part of binutils).
> But I don't think my concern was misplaced: having gone back through
> the thread for the past couple of weeks, there were certainly phrases
> like
>   "drop all traces of a.out support"
>   "if you need to generate new ones (?) unpack a 2.2.6 system"
> with the ports solution mentioned only "if we really have to have a.out".

Well, I think what happened is that people wanted to know if others still
needed a.out and thus if ports should be created.  I guess some people
have been saying some more drastic things then that and it is hard to know
who to listen to. :-/  It is a good thing to point out user's needs but
accusing developers of never taking the long-term view (which you did not
do, I know) is not a good way to win others over to one's argument.


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