> On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 11:11:15PM +0200, Mark Santcroos wrote:
> > I worked around this by making the driver a child of pci instead of a
> > child of acpi. (Which is even more correct too)
> My driver is a child of acpi again and at this point it always seems to be
> called at resume too. I don't know whether that is due to the latest acpi 
> patches (29/8) or other changes in the kernel. (At this point I don't want
> to spent time tracking that down)

Sorry for my late response.
I've been checking your driver, and it always seems suspend/resume
methods are called.  It's;
DRIVER_MODULE(acpi_agp, acpi, acpi_agp_driver, acpi_agp_devclass, 0, 0);

> > However, getting my screen back doesn't work yet. So there might be more
> > too it. (In the worst case, the 'OFF' I do, is different than the 'OFF'
> > the system does, so doing my 'ON' doesn't influence the systems 'OFF')
> It turned out to be the 'worst case'. The 'OFF' I was doing is not the
> same 'OFF' as the system itself is doing.
> (Actually my OFF was a display switch from one to another without going to
> the other actually. It was a wild guess and turned to be wrong)
> Do you think that there is a change that this is in the direction of DPMS,
> or is that very unliky? I tried to find the spec for DPMS but it seems to
> be a closed on (at least to non-members).

It seems that old laptops don't have VGA specific ACPI objects, so
many people will be happy if we can implement non-ACPI VGA driver w/
ATI chips hack.
BTW, have you checked for XFree86 code?  Hopefully we might find
some hints on DPMS for ATI chips.

> I'm back to where I started basicly (besides knowing more about acpi now).

Never mind.  I know one more guy who writing ACPI VGA driver,
takawata-san([EMAIL PROTECTED]).  Could you send him
your latest code and contact him?


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