I applied the patch, and nothing changed, so it works :) 

What tools do you use to check battery state?  Any links on userland
tools for monitoring / controling the ACPI (other than acpiconf) ? 

On my laptop, power switch, lid switch and stuff like that show up under
boot-up, but they do not work.  Is there a default behaviour, or do I
need a userland tool to configure what should happen? 

(VIA PN133 chipset) 

I also see CPU throttling show up on boot-up (a total of 16 steps,
wow).  When I unplug the power, "system profile" changes from power to
economy.  Is it possible to do any more fine-grained control of this? 

Anyone know what the status is on the disk spindown patch (ATA)?  I saw
some references to a old patch for this somewhere, and that Søren had
some things he could commit, when he got the time :) 

My desktop computer automaticly shuts down whenever I hit the power
button, so I guess it works there, but not on my laptop :( 

Is there a updated homepage for the ACPI project somewhere?  I think the
ACPI implementation for FreeBSD rocks, but it has a long way to go
before it's perfect.  So I would love to help out. 


On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 16:51, Mitsuru IWASAKI wrote: 
> I'm going to import Intel acpica-unix-20020815 sometime early next
> week.  Please test new version of acpica and give feedback before my
> importing.
> Major fix in this version is Ref/Deref operators bug fix.
> Personally I'm very happy with the new version because
> now my laptop (FIVA 206VL) reports correct battery info. :-)
> The full change log:
> http://developer.intel.com/technology/iapc/acpi/downloads/CHANGES.txt
> The patches against CURRENT sys tree are available at:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~iwasaki/acpi/acpica-20020725-20020815-test20020822.diff
> Please note that any feedback should be sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Enjoy!
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