On 08-Sep-2002 (19:54:17/GMT) Riccardo Torrini wrote:

>> There have been at least two gcc upgrades since then.  I believe
>> the easiest way to upgrade to today's -current would be to install
>> a fairly recent snapshot ... instead of trying to debug ...

> I have tryed with a middle version (1 jul 2002) but it fails without
> and with make includes before build, now I'm trying with cvsup from
> 15 aug 2002 (as written by Munish Chopra on 1 sep: IIRC current was
> in good shape between August 12-15, 17, 18, 22-24) ...

Ok.  All done.  My start point was really too old, anyway this is the
full story:
- starting from -CURRENT of 8 May, used as desktop (full of bells and
  whistles, homes on a nfs disk on a safe -STABLE local server :-)
- cvsuped daily and compiled w/out install at least once a week (this
  before holidays).
- tryed to upgrade to latest -CURRENT last week w/out success, with a
  lot of error, maybe due to double gcc update (2.95 -> 3.1 -> 3.2)
- cvsuped back to 1 jul, new buildworld, failed
- found mail into archives speaking about some "good shape" days
- cvsuped again to 15 aug, new buildworld, failed
- added some switches: -DNOCLEAN, -DNO_WERROR, -DNOCRYPT (one at a time,
  every time world go forward a bit)
- build complete, kernel complete, install complete, reboot ... and Yes!
  I forgot mergemaster :(
- new full buildworld w/out switches, complete fine.  new kernel, another
  full install, mergemaster  :-)  reboot.

NB: build done w/out CPUTYPE (usually was =p3) and with CFLAGS= -O2 -pipe

Hoping this can help others not-too-current users.
Upgrade always possible, even from old versions (with some care)

Now last doubt: after next upgrade to post-gcc_3.2 is a complete port
rebuild necessary because c++ ports stop working or not?

Thanks a lot,
Riccardo, now more-current  :-)

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