Several people have contacted me and offered help with
testing and i'm very glad to announce that i have received
few successful reports. There was a couple of problems
however. The next snapshot is available for download at


Below is a quick summary of changes

- New USB device IDs
  o TDK Bluetooth USB dongle
  o MSI MS-6967 Bluetooth USB dongle
  o Mitsumi Bluetooth USB dongle (*)

- New ports
  o SDP has been updated to latest version 0.8 
  o hcidump - HCI packet analyzer v1.3 has been ported
    from Linux BlueZ stack

- New features
  o Bluetooth raw HCI sockets now support SO_TIMESTAMP
  o Bluetooth raw HCI sockets now can tell direction
    (incoming or outgoing) for every HCI packet

- Bug fixes
  o RFCOMM issues has been resolved and now both Xircom
    and 3Com stacks work (tested with Windows2000). Also
    i received successful report about interoperability
    with Widcomm stack on Windows XP
  o L2CAP interoperability issues with Nokia phone should
    be fixed now (**)

There is still an issue with USB stack in FreeBSD. It
still uses #define USB_USE_SOFTINTR. This causes major
impact on USB device performance. A little while ago
i have sent a patch but it got no response.


(*) Device has been recognized but failed to respond.
    Need more information.

(**) I've not received report back yet, but i think it
     should be fixed now. I do not have Nokia phone,
     but i tested the patch with all other stacks.
     Please contact me if you still have a problem.

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