Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Maksim Yevmenkin writes:
> >I still would like to hear from people. I'm extremely
> >surprised that FreeBSD community seems not interested in
> >this at all. I got very few replies from few people
> >(Julian Elischer, Terry Lambert - thanks!) and that's it.
> Most of us probably doesn't have any bluetooth hardware...

I have a BT PCMCIA card by IBM, a BT USB adapter by MITSUMI, 
a C413S BT mobile phone by Sony, and a BT adapter for Sony CLIE. 
A communication between CLIE/C413S and PC does not work properly 
with Windows OS. Mobile phone and CLIE work well, because no 
Windows needed and it's a Sony-to-Sony connection!
Sony is eager to introduce BT and there're several models 
of VAIO notebooks that have built-in BT interfaces. 

Anyway, I am willing to be a tester and you could find more ones 
in Japan, because there're dozens of Bluetooth PCs and devices. 

FUJIMOTO Kou, Tokyo Denki University

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