Christian Brueffer wrote:
> > I don't think so.  I tried that on my A7M266D with no effect.  I believe
> > something in recent pmap code doesn't like this mobo, or maybe dual
> > athlons in general.  I can run RELENG_5_1 rock solid, and -current from
> > 9/24/03 rock solid, but -current from 10/3 or later gets random sigs
> > and eventually panics.  I have scsi disks so it's not ata.
> I have the same experiences.  Also AMD A7M-266D with two 1800+ Athlons here.
> Used to work fine, but got random signals with my latest builds.

On thing that occurs to me: try the other scheduler: there were
recent changes in this area, which may be the problem.

-- Terry
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