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I also get random segfaults and ICEs on my dual 1900+ system with recent
current. It certainly isn't hardware problems since older kernels work
very nicely. I haven't got around to trying to diagnose what is causing
it yet though. I was planning to try disabling a few things like SSE,
PSE etc and see if I could improve things. My kernel is dated from 1
October (I did try a bit later than that but those ones just paniced all
over themselves, very messy).

I've been seeing those on my laptop (PII-700 in an HP Omnibook 6000). What I did find is that if I disable SSE (options CPU_DISABLE_SSE) then I can build without issue. I haven't had to disable anything else.

Credit for this goes to somebody else on the list (don't remember who) who said it worked for them.

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