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On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 12:05:35 -0800, "Oliver Iberien"
I have never been on a list from which I have received as much help as
this one, which raises a question for me. I would like to thank the people who post questions to my answers, such as the fellow below, but don't want to spam people's inboxes and/or the with thank-you notes that may be archived for all time. Do people generally expect a note of thanks?



I think it's generally expected that you reply to their help with
something like "Bummer, that didn't work." or "That fixed my problem!
Thanks so much!!" I don't know, however, whether "thank you"'s should be
privately or to the list. I usually say my thanks on the list. I guess I
feel that public help should receive public praise.


Patrick, if a person replies to the help that worked with a (SOLVED)
header addition the solution is archived. It is in a relatively easy
to find form. So it benefits all.

(And a sysadmin who "expects" thanks is a fool. A sysadmin who does not
appreciate thanks or objects to another getting a thank you message, is
not a fit human being to live. And indeed he is not living a full life.
He's in a half life of "grouch", which will lead to an early grave.)

Note that "Thank you" is about all the pay anybody here gets for offering
solutions. Those two words feed the soul. Accept the food and cherish it.

{^_-}   Joanne
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