Fawaz said:
> We are a small company, and we have a POP3 Email server that is running
> by iPlanet. I need to to build a web interface so I can check the email
> by a browser. Since that iPlanet thing was provided by some 3rd party
> company, which is not able to setup an application that fits our need, I
> thought of building a server, and installing some application on that
> server to pull the messages from the POP3 account, and publish it by
> Apache -as an example. Any idea? Thanking you in advance

In the FreeBSD ports tree, you have a couple options:

o  /usr/ports/mail/squirrelmail
this requires IMAP, which is much better than POP3 anyhow. I use
squirrelmail on my server. In fact, I'm writing this message through the
squirrelmail interface right now.

o  /usr/ports/mail/openwebmail
this is a great program with a fast, tiny interface.

o  /usr/ports/mail/imp3
imp is part of the Horde system. It's a very powerful, very full-featured
mail system, which can use an IMAP backend. It's a bloated behemoth, but
if you're looking for features, this one's great. A bitch to configure
under certain circumstances.

o  /usr/ports/mail/omail
omail requries qmail, and I thus haven't used it. However, people who have
often swear by it.

Poke around at the webpages for each app, and see which one you like best.

# Adam


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