On Saturday 25 March 2006 06:36, Tim wrote:
> Why couldn't you guys make a install easy instead of this and that, ok I 
> am a newbie and it should be easy, I have installed Ubuntu, it was like 
> a dream, smooth as silk, Fedora pretty much the same FreeBSD, its a 
> nitemare if you have never done it, I am now reloading windows and then 
> putting back Ubuntu, unless someone over there can make it simple even 
> for me.
> Tim Stevens

Who are "you guys"? 
I installed Ubuntu as my very first open source OS last Aug.  Since then I've 
installed it on 5 computers and now FreeBSD on 2 computers.  From a beginners 
viewpoint I find both installers pretty comparable and actually quite 
similar.  Instead of issuing a blanket criticism that I'm not sure is even 
true, why don't you ask about the specific issues you are having a problem 

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