> > 3.0G
> Well there you go're trying to access a file that is larger
> than RAM, so naturally you won't be able to fit it all in RAM, and
> with 1GB less RAM in your system you'll spend much more time reading
> bits of it from disk and later throwing them away.

i know a bit of databases, and assume you do as well, so i am hesative
to question your explanation but:

the importing of a DB-file ( being tab-sep-copies or SQL dumps ) is a
transformation process and does not require all data to be in core (
is that the right terminology? ) at the same moment. it transform x
Gigs of input to y Gigs of output. i don't see why the 2GB machine
would suffer this hard.

unless the 3GB-file is one big table. is it MIguel? then it might be a
postgresql hitch.

i will have to wait on the .conf files, Miguel has not claimed them to
be identical, so i am curious.



> Kris
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