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: > Let us suppose that I have a HP DeskJet 5850 that I can talk to via
: > CUPS.  I can print test pages w/o any problem.
: >
: > What are my options to print photos and what kind of quality can I
: > expect relative to Windows?
: >
: : According to http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=HP-DeskJet_5850, : HP's HPIJS driver gives "excellent" photo quality with HP printers. : One reviewer says that the quality at high resolution isn't quite as
: good as Windows, but it isn't clear whether that means high-resolution
: "normal" mode, or photo mode, or both.
: : ports/print/foomatic-db-hpijs and /ports/print/hpijs


Thanks for the tips.  I have these ports installed, but am tripping
over something stupidly basic: what converts the pict0001.jpg into
something that can be fed to the hpijs driver that will print?


I use the gimp for that (graphics/gimp). The kde programs Krita, Kview, and KolourPaintAlso, as well as the gtk program gqview, can all print too. I can't vouch for their usefulness since I've never used them for printing.

You might also try browsing http://www.freebsd.org/ports/graphics.html to see if there's something there that sounds better.

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