Sorry to drag this out, but I still have not got this to work. I've looked at 
the permissions of the files involved but nothing untoward shows up. I think. 
There is just the conf file and the stuff in /var/log, right? How should 
their permissions look?

If I wanted to have two flags for privoxy in rc.conf -- the one below and one 
pointing to /usr/local/etc/privoxy/conf -- what would that look like? 



On Monday 27 March 2006 10:16, you wrote:
> > Still not working yet... Yes, thank you, I'll take you up on your offer
> > of a configuration file.
> Here's /usr/local/etc/  Remember, try just these two lines in
> /etc/rc.conf:
>      privoxy_enable="YES"
>      privoxy_flags="-- user privoxy"
> Pete
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