Hi Colin,
I see the same thing when I switch between ttyv0 (text mode)
and ttyv8 (X11), but it goes away when the afflicted windows
are redrawn.  While you're running cups, could you switch
through consoles ttyv0 -- ttyv7 and see if there's anything
similarly garbaged on them?
I do see the flash of scrambled graphics when going to console or shutting down, but this issue is not quite the same. It only affects the top 10-20 lines of the screen, and the line colors changes as I move the mouse. It looks as if random bytes are written to the screen whenever I move the mouse in any direction. These lines will overwrite anything, including the top of windows. The lines will not go away on their own.

If I start disable cupsd_enable in rc.conf, boot into gnome, and then start cups manually the line does not appear. It only appears if cups is started before gnome loads... very odd :)
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