I have two disks; one is the fbsd system drive, the other is for backup

I'm in doubt about what to use: dump or rsync

I guess I can do something like:
mount /dev/ad1s3a /backup/root
mount /dev/ad1s3d /backup/var
mount /dev/ad1s3f /backup/usr
/usr/local/bin/rsync -avHxS --delete /usr /backup/usr
for /usr / and var


newfs /dev/ad0s3a
newfs /dev/ad0s3d
newfs /dev/ad0s3f
mount /dev/ad0s3a /backup/root
mount /dev/ad0s3d /backup/var
mount /dev/ad0s3f /backup/usr
(/sbin/dump -L -0f - /)|(cd /backup/root ; /sbin/restore -rf -)
(/sbin/dump -L -0f - /var)|(cd /backup/var ; /sbin/restore -rf -)
(/sbin/dump -L -0f - /usr)|(cd /backup/usr ; /sbin/restore -rf -)
umount /backup/root
umount /backup/var
umount /backup/usr
tunefs -n enable /dev/ad0s3d
tunefs -n enable /dev/ad0s3f

This gives me a perfect copy, BUT there is a risk if something goes
wrong when I have newfs'd the backup drive.

Any advice?

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