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>Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>> No, the majority of people who have posted do not like it,
>>> thats not the
>>> whole community. Maybe you should do your research better.
>> It's probably a revelation to you but you do not have to poll
>> the entire community to find out if the majority of them don't
>> like something.  This is called "sampling"  The people who
>> have posted are a sample of the community.  The vast majority
>> of this sample don't like it.  Thus the majority of the community
>> doesen't like it.  (those who hold opinions one way or another,
>> that is, and the opinion holders are the only ones that matter
>> in this particular issue)
>> Ted
>I am well aware of what sampling means, your argument if
>flawed, you may
>have the sample of the community that does not like it, the people who
>do like it may not find it important enough to post about.

So then as others have said, let's open it to a vote of the
community as to whether or not it needed to be changed in the
first place.  That wasn't done because the people pushing this knew
they would lose.

>Quite frankly
>it is of no importance as the community were not the ones with a say
>about it, the FreeBSD management were and they did.

That is nothing more than the might-makes-right argument and it is
as flawed here as it ever was.  FreeBSD isn't a commercial product
in case you missed it, it's the sum total of everyone who contributes
to it and supports it.

The only part of FreeBSD that is under any kind of management is the
source repository itself and website, and the source code is much like
the tip of the iceberg, it is only the obvious embodiment of this
contribution.  Without the many users of that source, FreeBSD is nothing.
And you wouldn't have those users without the gargantum amount of
advocacy and support that goes on with that source.  If the "FreeBSD
management" was soley responsible for all tech support then FreeBSD
would not work.  If that management was solely responsible for
all promotion and all expenditures on promoting FreeBSD they would
go bankrupt in seconds.  Who are you to denegrate the emormous
amount of invisible work that occurs to keep FreeBSD viable, with
your ignorant comment "the community were not the ones with a say
about it"


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