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It was, I am sorry to say.  The core developer that pushed for all
this said he was tired of when presenting FreeBSD to have to field
a bunch of questions by people hung up over the devil image, it
distracted from the presentation of the operating system's features.


You're kidding, right? Say you're kidding.

Ted says lots of things.

In this case though, I am not "just saying a lot of things"

See the following:

http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-advocacy/2005-February/ 001592.

"...Unfortunately, the cute FreeBSD daemon is sometimes treated with
misunderstanding in the religious and cultural context. That's why The
FreeBSD Project is announcing a public competition for the new logo ..."

That was written by "Ricardo Alves dos Reis" who as far as I can tell [1] does not hold any official capacity at the FreeBSD Foundation or in the groups of people (committers etc) who had/have a say. In other words, it was one outsider's personal opinion. It in now way says anything about the real reasons for the whole thing.

Yes, Chad, we all know you love the new logo.  Just quit rewriting
to pretend that religion didn't have anything to do with the change.

Please read <http://logo-contest.freebsd.org/announce.txt> which is the "Official" rules and explanation. Nothing in there that I can find.

Stop rewriting history yourself. Your post above is embarrassing as you try and claim official status for someone's (who appears to be an outsider) personal opinion.



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