I fear that this time a messed up big time. I have two hard drives one with 
Windows XP (40G) and another with FreeBSD 6.1  (10G). Eveything was ok until I 
decided i wanted to mount my windows drive to FreBSD (i run KDE as GUI). I 
followed the instruction from OnLamp.com and since i wanted the whole process 
to be automated on every boot i added the following lines in /etc/fstab using 
  /dev/ad0s1  /windows        ntfs   rw       1     1
  and everything looked normal until i rebooted! now when i choose FreeBSD on 
the bootmanager it starts looking ok and ends up with the following:
  fsck: exec fsck-ntfs for /dev/ad0s1 in /sbin:/usr/sbin: No such file or 
  Unknown error: help!
  init /bin/sh on /etc/rc terminated abnormaly, going to single user mode
  Enter full pathname of shell of RETURN for /bin/sh
  if i enter single user mode it dasen't seem to recognize many commands: 
starrtx, ee, pico, emacs etc so i cannot change my /etc/fstab in case this is 
the problem. 
  Moreover now i am unable to enter windows as the bootmanager when i ask him 
to load the DOS disk it just reboots the system. I even tried to leave only the 
(40G) on the machine but thens it just crashes right after memeory check. I am 
seriously in need for some help, if anyone could suggest anything i would 
appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance
  andreas Sotriakopoulos

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