Dan Malaby wrote:
Happy new year FSBD users!!

I am trying to use gramofile to get some records made into CD's,
Me, too.

but I can not get gramofile to see any input. I can use the mixer and get the line in signal out of my PC speakers, so I know that I have signal to my sound card, but gramofile only makes a file with no music.
I found that the mic input works fine but line in doesn't. I'm using a SoundBlasterLive, and I'm starting to wonder if my card is bad. It did occur to me that it may be gramofile . . . .
If there is anyone who is using gramofile, please tell me how you configured gramofile or what magic needs to be done to the kernel to make it work. Also I have had problems with gramofile hanging up, it does not respond to any mouse or keyboard input, and I need to do a kill -9 to get out.
I have found that gramofile doesn't clean up after itself very well: run ipcs and see if there are some semaphores that are blocking things up.

I did add the semaphore stuff from LINT in vain hopes of making it behave better . . . . but I still end up falling back on ipcs and ipcrm.

# System V semaphores and tunable parameters
options SYSVSEM # include support for semaphores
options SEMMAP=31 # amount of entries in semaphore map
options SEMMNI=11 # number of semaphore identifiers in the system
options SEMMNS=61 # number of semaphores in the system
options SEMMNU=31 # number of undo structures in the system
options SEMMSL=33 # max number of semaphores per id
options SEMOPM=101 # max number of operations per semop call
options SEMUME=11 # max number of undo entries per process

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