How much more official can this get:

How can a company officially support an operating system that does not
have a development organization that will guarentee a response on a
problem?  Doing so would be tanasmount to assuming FreeBSD development,
all that would happen is that anyone that has any problem with FreeBSD
could simply buy a HP server then whammo - instant free FreeBSD
custom programming.

Notice that while HP lists support for Linux, the fine print does not
support ALL Linux distributions.

You have no guarentee that any piece of hardware you buy will be
supported on any future revision of FreeBSD, or even Windows
for that matter.  I have lots of Intel gear in my basement that was
supported on various Windows versions in the past, which cannot
run today's Windows.  Your being unrealistic.


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> Marc G. Fournier writes:
> > settled on HP Proliant servers .
> The problem with HP, as I see it,  is that they "officially" do not
> freebsd.. I even sent an email to ask.. and the categorically stated that
> is not supported.
> I would not want to standarize on something which is not guaranted will
> work in the future with FreeBSD.
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