In my case, it comes down to two words: remote administration ... HP is
the only system I've yet found that has it integrated as part of the
hardware ...

You will also find hardware integrated remote administration inside
IBM and Sun machines. They both run off residual power. So as long as
a single power supply module has electricity in it, you have access to
your machine via a CLI on a seperate IP. Even if the machine is
powered-off. Sun even offers remote dial in over a modem onto their
administration module. It's very good and I've been very happy with it
over the years, both with IBM and Sun. But I can't say as much as the
Dell admin module...

The other selling point for me on HP was the 2.5" SAS drives ... our new
servers have 4x72G SAS drives in a 1U space, which means I can do RAID1+0

SAS drives are coming in strong. It's what all new machines will have
in the server market in upcoming years. Just take a look at new
machines from Sun, IBM and HP, they all switched to SAS drives.
They're great, really. But so far I've yet to see 15K rpm in 2,5" SAS
form factor.


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