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i noticed major issues with Alt Gr keys. I think they're called deadkeys in the configuration. It's mainly because i'm from sweden and have all the important characters like {, [, ], }, among others, on keys that require the Alt Gr key to be pressed for me to use them. It's hard to reproduce the problem as sometimes i can type at very high speed and still not have a problem when i hit an alt gr character and other times i type really slow but get stuck on the alt gr characters.

Dead keys AFAIK refers to the keys you normally use to compose other characters with, such as ^ which you normally use to write a character like â or ~ to write ñ. The keys you refer to, {},[] are not "dead" keys.

While I have had problems with _dead keys_ in some programs, I have never had problems with the characters you mention (I use a danish keyboard).

One thing I have noticed is that this may be application specific, you may be able to write the character in one program under X but not in another. I had for example a problem writing ñ with eterm while it worked perfectly in xterm.

Some programs allow or require you to set these things separately, for example xemacs and thunderbird.

I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction because i suspect this could be something i need to take up with the people.

First check if this problem occurs in all applications or just some applications, do also try xterm and vi under xterm. Also, try on a plain console without X. And check your keyboard setting in your XF86Config.

If the problem is specific to some applications, post which.

Cheers, Erik
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