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I would like to create an LDAP server, for storing address book information for Thunderbird. E-mail clients will be connecting remotely with IMAPS (over the internet). Is there a secure way to do this? I know that samba can create an LDAP server but it is not secure, is it? I also know that I could create a VPN connection, but for my users, this is too difficult to setup. :-) Do you know a solution, definitely for FreeBSD, that is relatively easy to setup on the client side, and secure?
I could setup openldap, and my thunderbird can connect to it. But I cannot add persons to that address book. I also asked this on the openldap mailing list, but I had no answer since two days. I read somewhere that Thunderbird requires a special schema to be present on the LDAP server. Anybody out there who could use openldap with thinderbird?



p.s.: Sorry to be offtopic, nobody helped on the openldap list.
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